DeKalb CSB offers Staff Development Classes

The DeKalb Community Service Board offers a wide range of classes and events to improve staff development and training. Education and training classes are not only offered to DeKalb CSB employees, but to non-employees as well. At DeKalb Community Service Board, we are dedicated to the health and wellness of our communities.   Click here to […]

DeKalb Community Service Board Announces New PSR Location on Winn Way.

Decatur, GA— DeKalb Community Service Board just opened their third Psychosocial Rehabilitation program (PSR). The Winn Way DeKalb CSB PSR will be located at 450 Winn Way “We are pleased to be opening the new PSR location, increasing convenience and accessibility for patients close to home,” said Lamarr Lewis, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program Manager. “The new […]