Decatur, GA— DeKalb Community Service Board just opened their third Psychosocial Rehabilitation program (PSR). The Winn Way DeKalb CSB PSR will be located at 450 Winn Way “We are pleased to be opening the new PSR location, increasing convenience and accessibility for patients close to home,” said Lamarr Lewis, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program Manager.

“The new Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center is another milestone toward fulfilling our vision for DeKalb CSB,” stated Renee Dryfoos, Chief Clinical Officer. “This location will be expanding under-insured or uninsured patients access to high-quality care within their communities.

The Winn Way PSR program, will help serves clients with persistent mental illness by focusing on important concepts of recovery such as; symptom management, social interactions, and job skill development.

The Winn Way PSR program is open and ready to serve the community of DeKalb with compassion, care, and confidence. Along with the two additional Psychosocial Rehabilitation program locations at North DeKalb and Kirkwood Mental Health Center, PSR Winn Way will be open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 2:00pm.

Clients must meet clinical need requirements to be eligible for placement in a PSR program, and this is determined through assessment by clinical and psychiatric staff and coordination of a program visit.

For additional information on Winn Way PSR, please reach out to Lamarr Lewis Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program Manager at 404-370-7474, ext. 6534 or view the DeKalb CSB website at