Adult Behavioral Health

Adult Behavioral
Health Services

Claratel Behavioral Health offers the following treatment services for adults:

  • Counseling and Therapy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Psychiatric care and Medication Management
  • Community-based Case Management  
  • Peer Support Program
  • Supported Employment
  • Psychosocial Day Treatment
  • Pharmacy Services

  • Our team of behavioral health professionals will partner with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you on your path to recovery.
  • We now offer telehealth for your behavioral health needs.  Our staff will explore with you if telehealth is right for you.

Available Services

Group Therapy

A counselor-led group involves several individuals coming together to help themselves and each other in a structured clinical setting. Groups meet at regularly scheduled days and times and typically last between one to two hours. Groups are generally structured around an identified illness, issue, or theme, but session topics vary according to the group’s needs. 

Clients are not limited to groups held at their home clinic and a variety of groups are offered across our treatment sites. Group therapy has been shown to be a highly effective form of therapy and, with certain illnesses or issues, can be more effective than individual therapy. For example, group treatment is the preferred treatment method for substance-related issues.

Individual Therapy

With a focus on improving the client’s overall mental health, individual therapy involves a therapist and client working together to move the client towards their identified goal. Our therapists focus on using the evidence-based intervention most appropriate to fit the needs of the individual. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy involves a whole family or several family members, all meeting with a therapist. Healthy family relationships can be vital to supporting a family member with a behavioral health diagnosis

Case management assists our clients in accessing necessary services and supports them in reaching the best possible functional levels for quality of life, recovery, self-management, and symptom reduction.

Case Management assist our clients in accessing necessary services and restoring them to the best possible functional levels for quality of life, recovery, self-management, and symptom reduction.

The Peer Support Program provides recovery-focused peer services led by Certified peer who provides structured, activities that promote socialization, recovery, self-advocacy, the development of natural supports, and the maintenance of community living skills. In addition to group activities, clients are also involved in community integration activities.

Businesses supporting Claratel Behavioral Health Supported Employment gain a valuable, dependable employee. The Supported Employment staff matches the businesses’ needs with the individual’s abilities, provides on-site and off-site job coaching, and maintains ongoing contact with the employer and the employee.

This program provides recovery-focused assistance with skill development and or resources for clients with severe mental illness. The program supports the following:

  • Living (money management, meal planning, nutrition, self-care, health improvement)
  • Learning (illness and medication management, coping skills, self-advocacy)
  • Social (relationship development, communication skills, community engagement)
  • Vocational (job skills development, time-management)