Introduction to Claratel Behavioral Health

Embark on a profound journey of transformation with Claratel Behavioral Health, formerly known as Dekalb Community Service Board. Rooted in the Latin words for “clear, bright, and wellness,” Claratel represents our renewed commitment to illuminating the path to mental well-being.

Welcome to Claratel Behavioral Health Welcome to Claratel Behavioral Health, where the journey to mental wellness begins with a beacon of brightness and clarity. In this video, we introduce to you the heart of our commitment, unveiling compassionate care for individuals navigating mental health challenges. Discover the transformative power of holistic wellness as we embark on a collective path […]


Welcome to Claratel Stories, a tribute to the heart and soul behind our commitment to public behavioral health. In this exclusive video, our exceptional staff takes the spotlight to share their personal journeys, dedication, and the passion that fuels their work at Claratel.

Individuals We Serve

Welcome to Claratel Stories, where real voices share the transformative power of Claratel’s public behavioral health services. In this exclusive video, our clients take center stage to share their personal journeys and experiences with Claratel.