DeKalb Community Service Board (CSB) has announced that it has 20 private pay vacancies at the DeKalb Services Center Adult Day Program for adults living with developmental disabilities.  The DeKalb Services Center offers adults living with severe and profound disabilities a variety of activities, classes, and programs through which individuals can learn the skills they need to function more independently.

While Georgia Medicaid waivers provide a package of medically necessary services and support to individuals with disabilities, including support for programs provided by DeKalb CSB, funding for these services have been hit hard by budget cuts.  As a result, many of Georgia’s Medicaid Waiver programs have lengthy waiting list forcing long delays for those in need and creating financial burdens for families.

According to the “Unlock the Waiting Lists!” campaign, there are approximately over 10,000 Georgia residents currently on waiting lists awaiting home and community-based services.  The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates the average national waiting time for waiver services exceeds two years.

In light of these circumstances, the DeKalb Services Center has announced that it has 20 vacancies in their Adult Day Program for individuals not receiving Medicaid Waivers.  Consumers should expect to pay through long term care insurance or private pay.

Since 1978, the DeKalb Services Center has served local citizens with disabilities. The center provides day habilitation, individualized instruction, community access services and work activities for individuals with severe and profound developmental disabilities.  With the Day Program, individuals have a caring and safe place to spend their days, learn, meet new friends, and express their creativity.

The DeKalb Services Center is located at 2660 Osborne Road in Atlanta, Georgia.  For more information on how to enroll into the Day Program or to schedule a tour of the DeKalb Services Center contact 404.231.9363.