Decatur, GA- DeKalb Community Service Board announces the appointment of three new members of its Board of Directors.

Joining the Board of Directors are City Schools of Decatur Superintendent Dr. David Dude, Super District 6 DeKalb County Commissioner Kathie Gannon, and Oakhurst Medical Centers Chief Executive Officer Jeff Taylor. All three of our newest board members bring their own expertise and energy to the table.

David Dude, DCSB’s newest board member, was appointed as the Superintendent of City School of Decatur in November of 2015. He has served numerous capacities as an educator and an educational leader.

Kathie Gannon has served as DeKalb County Commissioner Super District 6 since January 2005. She is actively involved in DeKalb County issues since the 1980’s, proving leadership and a commitment to improving our communities.

Jeff Taylor, CEO of the Oakhurst Medical Centers, is both a leader nationally and locally. His broad experiences across healthcare and finance will add a valuable perspective to our Board of Directors.

With their addition to the DeKalb CSB Board, all three new board members will also serve on the Brighter DeKalb Foundation Board as well.