On Thursday, April 2, 2015, Chamblee Charter High School seniors came to DeKalb Community Service Board (CSB) to participate in a service project as part of their annual Senior Day of Service. For the past three years, Chamblee Charter High School has allowed graduating seniors to volunteer with local nonprofits as a part of their annual Senior Service Day.

At this time of year, many high school seniors have a lot on their plates with the excitement of spring break, prom, graduation, and the summer before starting college. In fact any opportunity to miss a day of school to relax is often seen as a golden opportunity. However, this was not the case for fifteen selfless seniors from Chamblee Charter High School. Rather than using the opportunity to miss a day of school as a day of leisure, these seniors spent their morning participating in environmental and landscaping activities for DeKalb CSB’s DeKalb Service Center.

During the day, Chamblee Charter High School seniors, individuals, and staff collaborated to create a beautiful setting for the outdoor areas surrounding DeKalb Service Center. Activities included planting flowers, laying mulch, trimming trees, removing debris and unwanted weeds, and sweeping the outdoor stairwells. After a few hours of hard work, volunteers transformed the outdoor area into a welcoming environment. “It is always nice to have members of the community come forward to beautify the facility,” stated Cathy Fraser, DeKalb Service Center Director.  “The interaction between the students and the individuals is valuable because the individuals rarely get the opportunity to interact with others outside of our staff.”

Since 1978, the DeKalb Service Center has served local citizens with disabilities. The center supports adults with severe and profound developmental disabilities in a day program setting that empowers individuals to function more independently in their home and community. Aligned with DeKalb CSB’s vision, the Service Center envisions a community in which disabilities no longer limit potential.

Volunteering helps to strengthen communities, connect with others and transform lives.  DeKalb CSB is actively seeking volunteers interested in helping to make brighter tomorrows for the youth and adults who depend on the agency for community-based mental health, developmental disabilities and addiction services. For information on group or individual volunteer opportunities visit www.dekcsb.org or contact DeKalb CSB Community Relations at 404-508-7875 or via email at info@dekcsb.org.