Raising the Bar in Customer Service

DeKalb Community Service Board’s Support Services Department is responsible for operating and maintaining DeKalb CSB facilities and property.  This includes maintenance of the agency’s 67 vehicles and oversight of the agency’s 22 locations, including inpatient clinics, outpatient clinics and residential homes.

The Support Services Department is an essential business asset and helps DeKalb CSB maintain a safe working environment for our clients and employees.   “Our goal in Support Services is to Raise the Bar in Customer Service,” said Andria S. Daniels, DeKalb CSB Director of Support Services.

Support Services encompasses a number of departments including Facilities, Transportation and Health and Safety.

The Facilities Department manages the day to day operations of DeKalb CSB’s 22 locations. This includes maintenance, repairs, routine facility inspections, vendor management, mail services and more.  The department works closely with the Purchasing Team for site equipment purchases and serves as the project lead for all site renovations and capital improvement projects.

The Transportation Department oversees DeKalb CSB’s fleet operations.  This includes training for all agency drivers, oversight of preventive maintenance and repairs, and management of vehicle orders, leases and safety equipment.  To date DeKalb CSB has 67 vehicles in their fleet.

The Health and Safety Department is responsible for planning, establishing and maintaining a variety of health, safety and environmental programs to assure the highest possible degree of safety for DeKalb CSB clients and employees. The department ensures that federal, state and local laws and regulation are continuously observed. The department also regularly conducts on-site inspections and drills to ensure safe conditions and work practices at all locations.

“The Support Services team has gone above and beyond in all areas of Support Services,” stated Andria.  “Together they continue to Raise the Bar in Customer Service.”