DeKalb Community Service Board is your connection to community mental health support. We know that everyone has mental health and that where mental illness exists, there is help. Our experience tells us that there is hope and recovery is possible.

We rely on your generosity to help us make this a reality. When you give to the Brighter DeKalb Foundation you become part of positive change in our community.

The Brighter DeKalb Foundation is a nonprofit organization in metro-Atlanta, Georgia, established to promote, advance and support the behavioral health and developmental disability services provided by DeKalb Community Service Board (CSB).

Your contribution impacts thousands of lives – whether individuals are seeking urgent mental health support, housing or family support or simply seeking to improve their lives.  Join us by supporting these services to bring hope and a brighter future to youth and adults in our community.

We hope that these ideas inspire you this holiday season. If you’re looking to keep the giving spirit going, please consider us as your charity partner for 2017!  Contact us at to learn more.

Together, we can create a community in which disabilities no longer limit potential!

5-ways-to-support-holiday-season1. Give the gift of recovery, hope and health by donating today!

2.  Share your voice!

We encourage our community to speak out about their own experiences, share their point of view with others and take action.  By lending your support you can show that this cause is important to you and desperately needed for millions of Americans.

3.  Bring holiday giving to work.

Adopt a charity by incorporating the Brighter DeKalb Foundation and DeKalb CSB into your holiday activities.  Collect cash, toiletries, coats or other items to donate to DeKalb CSB.  Review our Agency Needs List for ideas.

4.  Become a volunteer!

Get a group (10 or more) together for a service project.  Current opportunities include projects such as painting and landscaping at our homes for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Currently there are no individual volunteer opportunities available.

5.  Spread awareness!

Mental health issues in our communities are complex and challenging; but, by coming together and increasing our understanding and raising awareness, we can make a difference!  By supporting and talking about mental health you help to break down misconceptions and promote recovery and healthy communities.  Start by following and sharing our stories on DeKalb CSB Facebook, Brighter DeKalb Foundation Facebook and Twitter.